Grow a Pair

I was talking to a friend of mine today who helps business owners increase their confidence when I blurted out without thinking, “I need to grow a pair of balls.”  She reminded me at the exact same time I remembered… I wouldn’t want that at all!  Not only would they not look good on me :) , they also go against my natural source of power.

Photo by Xtina LamThe trick to being empowered is to be yourself.  You have to find your own strengths and resist the temptation to try to fit into the cookie cutter idea of what’s normal.  Many of us were taught (directly or indirectly) that to make it in a career, we’d have to try to mold ourselves into the suits and ties that were running the place.  After years of experimenting with this principle, I think we are starting to realize that it just doesn’t feel right.

Trying to be a woman fitting in in a man’s world drains you of your abilities.  Sure, you’ll do okay… maybe you’ll even do great.  But once you learn to tap into your feminine power, you will become energized and things will flow from you with less effort.

Have you ever noticed, on those days where you feel really hot and sexy, how the world seems to bow down at your feet? That is what being in your power feels like.

On some days, I want to be more courageous.  I want to claim my power.  I want to be authentic without apologies.  But no, I never want to grow a pair of balls.

What do you think?  I’d love to hear your comments!

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2 Responses to Grow a Pair

  1. I totally agree. Right now I’m dealing with a new male boss who is an energetic bully. He may be smiling, but he energetically pulls punches and goes for the gut. Not an empowered guy at all. My challenge is to stay in my power and not give it to him. I am challenged to be grateful for the lesson, LOL, I’m working on it.
    Susan Kline Strahosky´s last blog ..AppreciationMy ComLuv Profile

  2. Geoff says:

    There is a great song by Phoebe Snow called Either or Both of Me that your post reminded me of for some reason. The second verse, especially:

    Sometimes this face looks so funny
    That I hide it behind a book
    But sometimes this face has so much class
    That I have to sneak a second look

    Those days when you have to sneak a second look seem to me to be the days you’re talking about when the world bows down at your feet. And I have had those days myself. And growing a pair had little to do with them.

    Miss you!
    Geoff´s last blog ..You Do Have Something to SayMy ComLuv Profile

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