Kicking the Paper Clutter Habit ~ Part 2

So you are thinking about clearing some of the paper clutter out of your life… good for you!  Keep reading for some great tips and motivation.

Can You Get the Information Again?

If the information on the piece of paper can be found again, you don’t need to keep it.  The internet is great for this.  Store ads can be found online.  Recipes can be pulled up in just a few key strokes.  Information about the best places to stay on vacation?  Again, it’s all on the internet.

My one exception to this rule is personal notes, such as books you want to read or places you’d like to visit.  If you have truly important personal notes strewn about on scrap paper, transfer all of them over to a notebook and throw out the small bits of scrap paper.  A word of caution…  don’t get too caught up in the organization of this part.  You don’t need separate notebooks for each subject – just one will do.

Having these notes together in an unorganized notebook is far superior than having scraps of paper lying around that you couldn’t find if you needed them.

Is It Sentimental?

This one can be a stumbling block for many people.  You can’t keep all your child’s artwork or every greeting card you were ever given.  It’s simply not possible to do without compromising important parts of your sanity. Don’t worry though… I’m not asking you to chuck it all!

Pick one or two of your favorites to keep from each person in your life who has sentimental value to you.  If you are having trouble letting go, take pictures of the items you are getting rid of.  That way, you can keep the memory without it taking up so much space.

One last word about this.  Some people feel guilty about throwing away things that their loved ones have given them or made. Get over it!  I promise you that your loved ones would rather you throw away some of their paper mementos than live a life buried in paper clutter.

Stay tuned!  In the next section, we’ll wrap up with some great spiritual reasons to get control over your paper clutter.

How do you keep you paper clutter minimized and organized???  Please share any tips or tricks you have.  :)

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