Kicking the Paper Clutter Habit ~ Part 3

So today we are wrapping up our series on paper clutter.  I saved the best for last.  The final point is the single most important reason to clear your clutter…

Ongoing Maintenance

Now that you are conquering those stacks, you have to stop the flow of paper coming into your life before it builds again.  Sort mail as soon as you get it from the mail box and put the junk mail straight in the recycling bin.  If that’s not possible for you, get a small container to contain the mail.  Once it gets full, you have to empty it… no arguing.  Better yet, switch your statements to an online format (most companies offer these now).  Digital statements take up less space, waste less paper, and are easy to organize on your computer.

The Humdinger:  Is the Value It Provides Worth the Cost of Keeping It?

It takes precious Life Force to care for material things, even a piece of paper.  Is that piece of paper really important enough for you to spend your valuable Life Energy on??? Probably not.

For many people, keeping papers and notes started out by providing a sense of security but at some point the tables tipped.  The thing that once made you feel all warm and cozy gets to be overwhelming and starts suffocating you.

Something that once gave you a sense of control suddenly starts making you feel imprisoned.

So begin little by little.  You don’t have to tackle it all at once.  Once you start pitching papers, you will begin to feel lighter.  This is your energy being freed up.  Once you have a taste of this lightness of spirit, it will feel so good that you will want to get rid of another stagnant stack until you are no longer a prisoner to your paper!

Disclaimer: Please educate yourself on which papers are important to keep for financial or tax reasons.

Have you experienced the lightness of decluttering?  Success stories lift others up so I’d love to hear yours!  Other comments are welcome too…  ;)

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One Response to Kicking the Paper Clutter Habit ~ Part 3

  1. Karen Kay says:

    You have some awesome points re: life energy and paper. I had not thought of these pieces of paper all over my home as life-sucking, but that’s it! They are outta here!

    Thanks Kelly!
    Karen Kay´s last blog ..Herding KaysMy ComLuv Profile

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