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Rules Are Made to Be Broken

What self-imposed rules are running your life right now?  Look around and notice your requirements.  What do you need to feel happy?  To feel loved?  To feel like a success? Chances are you are setting the bar too high. A … Continue reading

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Drop Your Excess Baggage

Are You Ready to Lose It? Everyone has some excess baggage.  Now I’m not talking about your “issues” (although you might want to lose though too).  I am talking about the things that weigh you down and take your energy. … Continue reading

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What Will You Choose?

Choices, Choices, All Around… I think the most important thing I have learned so far in life is that I have choices.  Not optional, “maybe I want to do this or that” choices, but mandatory choices.  Making no choice at … Continue reading

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The Definition of Feminine?

When I was young, I saw a lot of women doing unsavory things.  They cried to get sympathy.  They acted dumb so wouldn’t hurt a man’s ego.  They were sickeningly sweet and bubbly, even when they didn’t mean it.  They … Continue reading

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