Kicking the Paper Clutter Habit ~ Part 2

So you are thinking about clearing some of the paper clutter out of your life… good for you!  Keep reading for some great tips and motivation.

Can You Get the Information Again?

If the information on the piece of paper can be found again, you don’t need to keep it.  The internet is great for this.  Store ads can be found online.  Recipes can be pulled up in just a few key strokes.  Information about the best places to stay on vacation?  Again, it’s all on the internet.

My one exception to this rule is personal notes, such as books you want to read or places you’d like to visit.  If you have truly important personal notes strewn about on scrap paper, transfer all of them over to a notebook and throw out the small bits of scrap paper.  A word of caution…  don’t get too caught up in the organization of this part.  You don’t need separate notebooks for each subject – just one will do.

Having these notes together in an unorganized notebook is far superior than having scraps of paper lying around that you couldn’t find if you needed them.

Is It Sentimental?

This one can be a stumbling block for many people.  You can’t keep all your child’s artwork or every greeting card you were ever given.  It’s simply not possible to do without compromising important parts of your sanity. Don’t worry though… I’m not asking you to chuck it all!

Pick one or two of your favorites to keep from each person in your life who has sentimental value to you.  If you are having trouble letting go, take pictures of the items you are getting rid of.  That way, you can keep the memory without it taking up so much space.

One last word about this.  Some people feel guilty about throwing away things that their loved ones have given them or made. Get over it!  I promise you that your loved ones would rather you throw away some of their paper mementos than live a life buried in paper clutter.

Stay tuned!  In the next section, we’ll wrap up with some great spiritual reasons to get control over your paper clutter.

How do you keep you paper clutter minimized and organized???  Please share any tips or tricks you have.  :)

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Kicking the Paper Clutter Habit ~Part 1

Most people have clutter in one shape or form.  The clutter that often goes the most unrecognized is paper.  It seems harmless enough… keep the bills for filing, some sentimental greeting cards, and some notes that you want to check into a little further someday.  But that seemingly innocent paper can begin to take over your life if you aren’t careful.

In this mini-series, we’ll explore some ways to kick the paper clutter habit:

Start Small

The only way to handle paper clutter is one piece at a time.  Choose a small section to start… maybe a small pile, a small box, or a small amount of time.  Once you start, make a commitment to do this regularly.  Most importantly, try to keep up on new papers as they come in so that you can see the progress you are making without adding to your old stacks.

Do You Need It?

I mean do you REALLY need it?  The best way to do this is to work quickly through your pile.  Don’t stop to linger or take too much time to examine a piece of paper.  Go with your first gut instinct here.  Anything that is expired or out of date should automatically get fed to the garbage can.  Usually, your trash pile should be at least as big as, if not larger, than your keep pile.

Don’t hyperventilate just yet!  If clearing your paper clutter seems overwhelming, stick with me.  Soon, you’ll feel empowered to take control over your stacks of paper and you will begin to feel the (paper) weight lifting off you.

Comments?  Questions?  Please let me know your thoughts below…

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Drop Your Excess Baggage

Are You Ready to Lose It?

Photo by BrittneyBush

Everyone has some excess baggage.  Now I’m not talking about your “issues” (although you might want to lose though too).  I am talking about the things that weigh you down and take your energy.

Baggage comes in many forms and for many reasons.  It could be that you have debt hanging over your head.  Maybe you keep a few (or more) extra pounds of padding on your body.  Perhaps it is clutter around your house that has outlived its purpose.

Whatever is weighing you down, it is time to lose it!

One of the ways to take your power back is to get rid of the things that are holding you back. You probably don’t even realize exactly how much they are holding you back until you start removing the layers.  It’s time to stop living life like you are walking through molasses!

Paper clutter has been one of my personal battles.  Controlling it has gotten easier and I have learned some fabulous tips along the way.  If you feel like your paper clutter is burying you alive, the next few blog posts will help you take your power back one piece of paper at a time.

What are you holding onto?  What’s holding you back from gently letting it go???

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What Will You Choose?

Choices, Choices, All Around…

I think the most important thing I have learned so far in life is that I have choices.  Not optional, “maybe I want to do this or that” choices, but mandatory choices. 

Making no choice at all is still a choice.

Photo by Cesar R.Being able to choose means that I have to take responsibility for my life… both the good and the bad.  Responsibility means that, although I might have messed up some things, I have the power to change them.  Conversely, I can give myself full credit for creating the things I love about my life.

The biggest choice I have to make in every second of every minute of every hour of every day is what thoughts to think.  I have learned that the thoughts I think control my emotions and how I feel.  How I feel creates my life and experiences around me.

The Examples

Let me give you an example.  Let’s say a friend says something critical to me.  There are several ways I can think and feel about it.  I can assume that he doesn’t love me and intended to hurt me (yuck).  Or I can assume he meant well and had my best interest at heart (feels better).  Which view benefits me more?

Or let’s say I get a flat tire on the way to work.  I can think about how unlucky I am and how everything bad always happens to me (yuck).  Or I can imagine that maybe the flat tire prevented me from getting in a wreck and it is actually a blessing (feels better).  Or you can declare that you got all of the “bad stuff” out of the way for today and that the rest of the day will be smooth sailing (also feels good).

Your Challenge

So here is your challenge: Make a conscious decision to think about the choices you make, both big and small.  Choose your thoughts wisely and always select the interpretation that serves you best.  As an experiment, watch and see if your life improves (I’m betting it will).

Please let me know how your experiment goes or any other comments you may have!

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The Definition of Feminine?

When I was young, I saw a lot of women doing unsavory things.  They cried to get sympathy.  They acted dumb so wouldn’t hurt a man’s ego.  They were sickeningly sweet and bubbly, even when they didn’t mean it.  They withheld sex in an attempt to control their partners.  They would go into fits of hysteria and fly off the handle for the smallest little things.

I had associated a lot of things I didn’t like with being a women or worse yet… “girly”.

The women I saw in the world seemed weak and manipulative… two qualities I didn’t want to be.

Looking back, I now know that your beliefs color your experiences and draw more of the same to you.  I’m sure my fear and resistance to what I observed brought more examples into my awareness.

It took me a long time to deprogram those beliefs and accept my femininity.  Once I discovered that my femininity could be my greatest ally, a whole new world opened up for me.  I realized that women can be softly powerful, magnificently strong in ways that men can’t, and authentically emotional in a beautiful way.  A woman who is in integrity with her soul is an amazingly stunning creature.

Photo by Niki Stuns

I used to hate the color pink.  I’d avoid it at all costs.  I still don’t dig flowers, hearts, and unicorns (with the exception of fresh cut flowers)… but now I can wear pink with pride as a symbol that I have stepped into my power as a woman.   Pink high heels are even better!

What do you consider to be feminine?  Is there such a thing as “too much”?   I’m curious what you think!

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