What Is Your Soul Craving?

I was sitting here craving something and it started me thinking.  Most of us are used to feeling cravings in our bodies… cravings for salt, cravings for something sweet, craving for sleep.  Today, let’s change our focus a little bit and look at things in a different, more subtle way.  Look (or rather, feel) into yourself and ask… “What is my soul craving???”

Swirly StarKnock, knock… Is anyone home?

Chances are your soul is sending you signals and you are missing them.  Your soul communicates to you in very quiet, subtle ways.  Most of the time, the signals of the soul are drowned out by our busy lives.  Even if you get the message, many people try to stuff it down because it is the “proper” thing to do.

What do soul cravings feel like?

There are many ways the soul can attempt to get its message to you. It can feel like a nagging urge to do something.  Perhaps you are being “called” to start meditating, almost like it’s an itch you need to scratch.

Your soul can send you messages and signs in external ways too.  Have you ever had that experience where a subject seems to come up everywhere you turn?  Perhaps you had an idea to start your own business and you dismiss it.  Next thing you know, your friend suggest a book to you about starting your own business.  Then you see information about an upcoming workshop for new entrepreneurs in your field of interest.

It can be compared to being beaten over the head with a cosmic 2 X 4!  (A soft one, of course.)

So what is your soul craving?  What are the signs and signals you have been getting to move in a new directions?  Please let me know in the comments section!

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Your Inner GPS

If you are directionally challenged and hoping to find a solution here, I’m sorry to disappoint you.  On the other hand, if you have trouble making decisions (or trusting your decisions), you have come to the right place!

Your brain has many wonderful functions but making good decisions isn’t usually one of them.  It’s way too logical for its own good.  Or you end up thinking yourself in circles and never coming to a clear answer.

Have you ever made this pros & cons list about a potential boyfriend?  (I have!)


  • He’s very good looking
  • He has a good job/makes good money
  • He’s sweet to me and treats me well
  • He’s funny
  • My friends and family like him


  • He’s kinda creepy

Ok, I might be exaggerating a little bit on the Cons but you get my point.  How many times have all the signs looked good… or you had a long Pros list… or a decision made logical sense yet something inside you was screaming that you were making a mistake???

That is your inner GPS.

If you can turn off your thought-obsessed mind long enough to feel you gut instincts, you’ll start making better decisions on every topic.

Try to get in tune with what it feels like on small things so you will clearly know its signals when you are facing an important decision.

To give you an example, I feel my GPS a little bit above my belly button.  A NO signal feels like a knot or nervous feeling like a wash cloth being rung out.  A YES signal feels like a cheerleading squad jumping up and down with pompoms and cheering me on.

Everyone feels their GPS signals differently.  There is no right or wrong… just get to know what your own unique signals feel like. Once you have identified them, you will be astonished at how easily they lead you to make effortlessly good decisions!

Are you in touch with your inner GPS?  What do your signals feel like?

I’d love to know!

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Women: Are You Part of the Problem or the Solution?

Welcome to my new website!

Helping women is something that has been calling me for a while now and with the Ultimate Blog Challenge starting, I figured there’s no better time to start than the present.  Over the years, I have learned to honor the whispers of my heart and my inner nudges… It’s all part of the reawakening of our inherent feminine power.

I see a problem in the world and I want to be part of the solution… 

So many women seem to have lost themselves or maybe never even knew who they were in the first place.

We get lost in boyfriends or husbands.  We get lost in our role as mothers.  We get lost building careers.  We get lost in our ideas of who other people want us to be.

When all your roles are stripped away, who are you??? I want to help you discover or better yet – remember – that.  It’s a never-ending journey we all take.  But by supporting each other, sharing, and talking about what works, it can be an adventure more deeply fulfilling than anything you have ever known!

So who are you and what makes you tick?  Have you fully embraced your feminine power?  I love comments and interaction, so please feel free to make yourself at home in the Comments section!

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